Essential Roof Safety Tips

Roof safety tipsAs a homeowner, it is important to ensure that your roof is always in the best condition. You can hire a roofing service to do regular inspections for you. However if you would rather not pay them to do minor maintenance and inspections, you can do the job yourself. The key is to ensure that you are always safe from harm when on the roof.

Here are some essential roof safety tips by Roof Restoration North Brisbane to help with that.

Place The Ladder On A Firm Spot
One of the reasons most people get injured when working on the roof is because the ladder shifts and they lose balance and fall. It is important for the ladder to be placed on a firm spot where it will not shake easily. If you cannot find a firm spot, ask a person to hold it firmly while you are climbing up and down from the roof. Ensure that you check that the ladder is safe for use. If there are any screws missing, have them replaced before using it.

Wear Work Gloves
It is important to wear gloves when working on the roof. This will prevent accidents such as getting hurt by nails or cutting your skin on metal flashing. Sometimes the edges of broken tiles or shingles could also prove to be a danger. Gloves will protect you from unnecessary cuts. Furthermore, they will protect you if there are any electrical wires that may be exposed.

Wear Proper Shoes
Working on the roof can cause you to slip if you do not have shoes with proper treads. This is why it is important to choose the right shoes when you decide to work on the roof. You should also avoid working on the roof if it is wet. The chances that you may slip increase when the roof is wet. If there is a leak and you discover this when it is raining, do not try to fix it at that moment.

Keep Roofing Materials And Other Items Safe
This ensures that there is no chance that the materials will fall off the roof and hurt anyone on the ground. You will also avoid the chances of tripping on these items if you keep them a safe distance from your feet.

In addition to the above roof safety tips, it is advisable to wear a proper harness so that in case you slide off the roof you are not at risk of falling to the ground.