Common Problems With Tile Roofs That Are Easily Repaired

Homeowners that have a tile roof are often very happy with the way their home looks. Tiles can really enhance a home in several ways. If it is a new roof, this adds value to the purchase price if you are trying to sell it. It also makes it more appealing, giving it curb appeal that people that have asphalt roofs will simply not have. However, if you do use tiles, you are susceptible to more repairs than the average roof will ever experience. The following are common problems that you may experience if you have a tile roof, proudly brought to you by Roof Restoration Brisbane.

Heat Damage

common problems with tile roofsOne of the largest problems that you may experience is heat damage. This is typically something that can happen if you live in areas where the temperatures can exceed 100° consistently. It is this ongoing heat, not allowing the tiles to go back down to normal temperatures, that can cause them to split and eventually fall off.

Deterioration Of The Underlayment

If you do have several tiles that are loose, or they are already gone, you will be looking at problems with your underlayment in a short period of time. Deterioration can come very quickly, especially with the underlayment exposed to not just teach, but any type of precipitation. It will also begin to crack, and once it does, you are going to have leakage in your home. This can lead to substantial damage caused by the water leaking in, as well as the development of mold and mildew.

Other Problems That You May Face

Other problems that you may experience will include corrosion. For example, if you live in an area where there is high amounts of humidity, this can damage the tiles, causing leakage. The other possibility is that your tiles can begin to slide, something caused by UV radiation, as they begin to detach from the underlayment.

These are problems that are very common with those that have a tile roof. They are beautiful, but they do need to be maintained. If you have not had your roof looked at in quite some time, you may want to contact a professional roofing business. They can assess the current state of your roof, identify any areas where there are problems, and fix those problems quickly. As long as you are having someone look at your roof every year, you should not have any substantial problems. If it has been longer than that, definitely consider contacting a roofer in your area that can help you with these potential problems.