5 Signs of Home Air Conditioning problems

signs_of_home_air_conditioning_problems (1)It is easy to know signs of home air conditioning problems. But some inexperienced homeowners do not know whether they should replace their air conditioner or not. Here is what the team at Air Conditioning Geelong have to say:

You do not have to replace your air conditioning system. A simple repair can fix the problem. But if your air conditioning system stops working, replace it.

The following are the signs of home air conditioning problems.

1. Poor Air Flow

Air condition system’s compressor fails. This leads to weak or little airflow. But if some of your rooms are cold and others are hot, the problem is with your ductwork. If you are experiencing this problem, it is time to repair your unit.

Debris gets stuck in air conditioning vents after some time. Debris obstructs airflow. And it can affect your health and the health of your family.

Clean your unit’s ducts regularly. Cleaning restores airflow. And it ensures that your unit is working well all the time.

2. Thermostat Problems

Your air conditioning unit may be working perfectly, but there is a thermostat problem. How do you know a thermostat problem? Check the temperature of your rooms. You will notice that some rooms are cold. But other rooms remain the same.

3. Moisture Where It Shouldn’t Be

Inspect your air conditioning system regularly. If you find there is a leakage or moisture near your unit, it is a sign that there is a problem with your unit.

Some leaks are refrigerant that causes serious health risks.

When there is a water pool around your air conditioning system, it shows that the drain tube is either broken or blocked. Drain tube disposes of air conditioner condensation.

A broken or blocked drain tube may not be a serious problem, but you should fix it immediately.

4. Strange Sounds

Grinding, grating, and squealing sounds from your unit is a clear sign that your unit needs replacement. When you hear these sounds, know that there is something wrong inside your air conditioning system. If you do not service your unit, it may lead to an expensive breakdown.

5. Strange Odors

When you detect strange odors from your air conditioning vents, it means the wire insulation of your unit has burned out. When there is mold in your ductwork or unit, you will detect a musty smell.

These are the signs of home air conditioning problems. Once you notice some of these problems, do not let them become worse. If you do not fix them immediately, they will cause more damages. You may be forced to replace your air conditioning system. Replacing your unit costs a lot of money.