Epoxy Floor Coating Can Have Its Own Set of Problems

Coating garage floors with an epoxy coating will give you a durable surface with a beautiful shine, and one that is easy to maintain. This requires a lot of care to be taken during its application by proper preparation of the floor, adequate mixing of the epoxy compounds and careful application of the coating to the floor. When there is a failure of the epoxy coating it will lose its durability and protection. Epoxy is very difficult to remove and any exercise to deal with any problems in it, can be expensive and require a lot of effort.

Common Problems with Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors will peel if the floor has not been properly cleaned of oil, grease, and debris before it has been applied. Floors also must not be smooth and grinding it or etching it with acid gives extra adhesion to the epoxy and prevents it from peeling. Once the etching is done, the floor must be allowed to dry completely, otherwise, moisture trapped in the pores of the floor can cause bubbles that will separate the epoxy form the floor. Test the floor for moisture before you apply the epoxy.

Epoxy can develop air bubbles if the ambient temperature is too low, or the work is done in direct sunlight. Improper mixing of the epoxy can also lead to the problems of bubbles in the final coating. This problem can also occur when the resin and hardener are not mixed in the recommended proportion. Mixed epoxy needs to sit for the recommended induction period before it is applied, and if this is not done, air bubbles may result. Porous concrete needs to be sealed before epoxy application, as at times the porosity can lead to air bubbles.

Improper mixing, and not cleaning the substrate properly can result in epoxy coatings showing inconsistent color. Epoxy floor coating kits are sold to cover a particular area. Defects in floor preparation can cause an uneven application of the epoxy, and you can run out of material or apply it thinly so that the quantity suffices. This can reduce the protection of the floor and impact the durability of the epoxy.

A skilled applicator ensures that epoxy is applied uniformly, and careless operators can leave streaks, noticeable roller marks, and dry edges that will mar the surface. Proper mixing, the right temperature and applying the coating uniformly before it starts curing can help to avoid most of these problems in epoxy floor coatings.