What Are The Different Types Of Sinks And Basins Available To You?

What are the types of sinks and basins that are available? There are quite a few options, and you might not have known there are so many. Pedestal sinks are one of my favorite. They are space-saving sinks that are quite trendy these days. They are also old-fashioned, and they are cost efficient as well.

For each type of sink and basin, there are quite a few choices. You will see different styles and designs, and various materials can be used. Which type of sink or basin you choose can have everything to do with the space and not just style preference of course. For example, are you outfitting a bathroom with a new sink, or are you working on a kitchen?

Wall-mounted sinks are one of your options. There are also drop-in sink basins. Sinks and basins are essentially the same thing, so keep that in mind as you search out all your choices. The pedestal sink is up next on the list I’m looking at, and again, it’s one of my favorites.

Then there is the corner sink. It is also a popular option, just like the others. This next idea is quite unique, and you might want to look at a picture to get familiar. Have you seen the tabletop sinks? They are rather trendy looking, although I can’t say that I’ve seen one in a household. You would certainly be setting up a different type of sink or basin.

The under-mounted sinks are quite typical. Yet with each type of sink, there are different styles and designs as mentioned. One way to look at your options is to think about sink shapes. Once you get familiar with the different shapes available, you can think about what shape you want in relation to the type.

You can get a custom sink installed, or you can simply familiarize yourself with the options available and choose one that fits your needs. There are so many sink choices it can make your head spin. Yet you want to get picky because this redesign is important.

For example, let’s say you go with a round basin, and you go with a pedestal sink. You can then explore your options further to find the exact sink that you want for your space. Pedestal sinks are quite popular in bathrooms, but it’s all in what you want when you get ready to have a new sink installed.

Types of sinks and basins

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