The Different Types Of Stairs Used In 2018

What is a staircase? A staircase is a series of steps that have been arranged in a manner that connects the different floors of any building. They are designed to create easy access to the many levels of the building, whether at home, mall or even offices. There are many types of stairs, and we will look at some of them below.

Straight Stairs.

These are stairs which have no change in direction between two successive floors in a building. It has different types such as parallel stairs, angle and also scissors stairs. The other ones are straight run with a single flight between the floors and even one with a series of these flights without any direction change. The latter two types mean that the stairs have a direction change at a landing that is intermediate. Angle stairs have the successive flights placed at an angle between each other. Scissors stairs, on the other hand, have stair runs in the opposite directions and are placed on a fire resistive wall’s different sides.

Quarter Turn Stairs.

In case the direction needs to be changed by ninety degrees, this is the stair to use. This direction change may be done by having a quarter space landing introduced or by having winders placed at the junctions.

Half Turn Stairs.

These change their direction by 180°. We can have the open newel or the dog-legged type in this case. In the latter category, the flights are in the opposite directions, and there is no space between the flights. In the open newel stairs, there is an opening between the flights, and it may be used for a lift in the building. These type of stairs are typically used where there is ample space available.

Three Quarter Turn Stairs.

These type change their direction by 270°. It means that the path is altered thrice with the top flight having to cross the bottom. An open well is formed in this type of stairs.

Circular Stairs.

When viewed from above,these stairs appear to follow a circle with a massive radius.They are normally found at the rear of any building to grant access for the various floors servicing.

For any construction or remodelling project that you may have,it is good to have good knowledge of the types of stairs available in the market today. They all provide their different sense of appeal, and it is good to know which one will work for you.

Types of stairs

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